9 March, 2023

Experts join forces against the farse of climate change

The stream of experts challenging the lies regarding climate change is increasingly more and more influential and convincing.
20 December, 2022

Chemtrails confirmed. They fumigate us to kill us

We must terminate chemtrails: a form of geoengineering with terrible consequences for farming crops and our health.
27 November, 2022

Globalism’s pillars

Globalism is sustained by a Machiavellian program of manipulation of the values on which our society is based.
14 November, 2022

Stuart Kirk resigned from his position at HSBC or how HSBC terminates its humanist visionary

Stuart Kirk resigned from his position at HSBC following his lecture on the real influence of climate change on the financial sector.
10 June, 2022

Stuart Kirk questions the impact of climate change

HSBC suspends Stuart Kirk for daring to put climate change in doubt...