22 March, 2023

Secrets of the United Nations

A former UN worker uncovers the true operations of this criminal organization, focused on enforcing the 2030 Agenda.
9 March, 2023

Experts join forces against the farse of climate change

The stream of experts challenging the lies regarding climate change is increasingly more and more influential and convincing.
3 March, 2023

Juan Zaragoza. They are simulating a new scenario with one target: children.

Juan Zaragoza shares the upcoming institutional strategies to install diseases and fears, placing children at the very center.
28 February, 2023

Equality? A ministry that attacks both men and women

The new law, known as the 'only yes is yes' law, accentuates inequality between men and women and produces legal uncertainty.
1 February, 2023

Novak Djokovic and the Triumph of Reason

After having endured the most traumatic episode of his life, Djokovic breaks all records and finds the global support he deserves.
17 January, 2023

Monopoly, who owns the world?

The documentary "Monopoly, who owns the world?" reveals how most of everything we know belongs to the same people.
30 December, 2022

Died Suddenly, documentary

A documentary about the terrifying increase of deaths after the aggressive covid inoculation campaigns.
20 December, 2022

The Cowards, by Aarón García Peña

Censorship against Aarón Peña's clever text in which raises his voice against the brainwashing endured throughout the last years.
20 December, 2022

Chemtrails confirmed. They fumigate us to kill us

We must terminate chemtrails: a form of geoengineering with terrible consequences for farming crops and our health.
19 December, 2022

Hold Up. A retrospective look at chaos. 

Documentary in which a multitude of authorities, mainly French, attack the basis of the covid lie.
9 December, 2022

Finally, a sick leave for pain in the balls

Finally, a sick leave for pain in the balls.
27 November, 2022

Globalism’s pillars

Globalism is sustained by a Machiavellian program of manipulation of the values on which our society is based.
14 November, 2022

Stuart Kirk resigned from his position at HSBC or how HSBC terminates its humanist visionary

Stuart Kirk resigned from his position at HSBC following his lecture on the real influence of climate change on the financial sector.
4 November, 2022

THE BIG RESET: The definitive documentary on the truth of the pandemic

The Big Reset looks at the key points, lies and global implications of the covid-19 pandemic...
27 October, 2022

The most notorious privacy attacks: RadarCOVID

The decisive blow to the RadarCOVID app is a penalty for violating users’ personal information...
24 October, 2022

A crisis that has changed the balance of power forever

Power dynamics have undergone unprecedented shifts, with China at the center and the middle class more punished than ever before...
29 August, 2022

Root Cause

Root Cause, the censored documentary that investigates the long-term consequences of root canals...
15 July, 2022

The social dilemma

"The social media dilemma": an interesting reflection on the addiction to networks and how they really work...
30 June, 2022

Leave us alone!

The government of Spain implemented a menstrual leave that attacks the most basic principles of equality.
27 June, 2022

The digital euro as a control strategy

The Central Bank seeks the destruction of traditional banking to control us through the Digital Euro...