30 June, 2022

Leave us alone!

The government of Spain implemented a menstrual leave that attacks the most basic principles of equality.
16 June, 2022

International Pandemic Treaty: the abolition of democracy is coming

WHO pandemic treaty will allow Bill Gates to become global dictator...
10 June, 2022

Stuart Kirk questions the impact of climate change

HSBC suspends Stuart Kirk for daring to put climate change in doubt...
8 October, 2021

Technological Humanism. The social responsibility of the Tech Giants

Technology which respects individuals and goes beyond pure materialism is referred...
23 June, 2015

Compulsory maternity leave in Spain. And I don’t want to stop!

Spain obliges women that have given birth to rest for six weeks...
22 June, 2015

Maternal lactation fundamentalists

During my reflection I ironized the obsession with maternal lactation...
14 February, 2014

Helping People Buy

The first time I sold something I was 14 years old, they were banana shaped piggy...
13 November, 2013

The consumer power revolution

It’s always been hard for me to understand the immense power...